Neequaye Home Investors

New Beginnings to a Fresh Start!!

We buy homes as is even in challenging times

Instant Cash

No auctions or signs in your yard

A male buyer pays his down payment for his property to a female

Fast Closers

No open houses or strangers walking through your house when your not home.

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Problem Solvers

NO repairs needed- We buy your house "as- is"

We Buy Fixer Uppers

We invest in real estate, but we are not realtors. We buy "fixer-uppers," and invest in them to create beautiful, affordable homes.

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We Create Win-Wins

If you need to sell your home "as is," or quickly due to a pre-foreclosure or another challenging situation, we want to help. We make same day offers on homes, and can typically close in less than 1-2 weeks. Our goal is to create a win-win and help you get a new beginning to your fresh start.

The Process

  1. You invite us to pop over and take a look at the property
  2. We do our homework on the house estimate any repairs we would need to do.
  3. We make you an offer on your home.
  4. With your acceptance of our offer, we close within 2 weeks if needed.
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Dedicated in helping our community and all surrounding counties throughout North Carolina. Assisting people in building possibilities and to bounce back from stressful or a traumatic event (s).


Neequaye Home Investors

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(919) 263-0930


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